Work right variation request for Working Holiday Visa Holders

If you currently hold a Working Holiday Visa that has a ‘Six-Month Work Limitation’ condition on it, then after lodging your Partner Visa you may be able to vary the conditions attached to your Working Holiday Visa.
The process requires you completing the relevant form and providing a supporting letter from your employer. The form to download from the Department’s website is the Form 1445. You will also find the email address of the Department section that manages these variation requests. The processing times for approval have varied over the years, being anywhere from one week to six weeks so best to prepare in advance. You will be best placed to lodge this variation request AFTER having lodged your Partner Visa. Watch the video above for more details.

The documents required for the variation request include:

1. Completed Form 1445;
2. Letter from Employer confirming need for continued employment;
3. Copy of your passport.

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