How to Upload Evidence in Visa Applicant’s Online Application

When uploading evidence it’s super important you have all of your documents saved and ready to go. The portal is relatively easy to use as it has guiding upload sections that show you where to upload certain documents. If you can’t see a heading that matches your documents, don’t panic. There is an option for ‘other documents’ that you can’t find a heading for. We have a classification menu that our team use, you can take inspiration from the way we classify our documents. When uploading your evidence set aside about 1-2 hours to do this, avoid delaying the uploading of evidence. The steps following lodgement are set out below and the above video gives you a sneak peak inside the portal section where you will upload your evidence.

Step 1. Lodge your application
Step 2. After lodgement (and once payment has cleared for those who pay via bpay) you will be able to access the back end of the portal;
Step 3. Click through to the section where you upload your documents (watch video above);
Step 4. Upload each pdf one at a time. This could take 1-2 hours;
Step 5. Count the total amount of documents you wanted to upload and compare against the number the portal says it now has;
Step 6. Take a screenshot of your page showing how many documents were uploaded, save this in case there were ever any issues with Immigration not receiving your documents.

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