Witness Statements Explained

Why do you need to include Witness Statements? This video explains in detail.

The Australian citizen/Permanent Resident, SPONSOR and the VISA APPLICANT are not the only ones involved in the process, you're going to need to get the communities you belong to INVOLVED as well. This means including your family, your friends, your work colleagues and extends to activities such as if you attend a gym regularly or if you volunteer somewhere. 

It will be beneficial to have people you regularly interact with as a couple involved in putting your application together. Their involvement extends to providing you with a Statutory Declaration, Form 888 or a Witness Statement.

This will help Immigration see that not only do the two of you believe you're in a genuine and committed de facto/spousal relationship together, but other people share the same opinion and can give evidence and provide examples to support their view.

Now for witnesses that are Australians or Permanent residents of Australia, or if they are a witness that lives in Australia, then it’s important you use the Form 888 (see lesson 2 on Form 888). If you have a witness that is Australian or an Australian Permanent resident living overseas they too can complete the Form 888. 

For witnesses that are overseas and are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents then they can provide a letter. We have provided you with examples, templates and instructions that explain how to have your witnesses from overseas - provide a great statement also. There are also recommendations included regarding how to have them prove their identity. 


6.1.1 Email template to send to Witnesses

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