Translation and Interpreting Explained

The translation of documents may be required for your application.We recommend that all identity documents that are in a language other than English be supported with a translated copy. If the document is translated in Australia, the translator should be accredited by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).

The benefit of using an accredited translation service is there is a service and quality standard set for translators. If you use an unqualified translator you run the risk of submitting a translation that is inaccurate. You are personally responsible for making sure the information you provide with your application is accurate and correct.

Do I translate emails and text messages?

One of the most frequently asked questions around translation is in relation to translation of emails, text messages and conversations in social media such as Facebook. Ideally it would be helpful to have all evidence that is persuasive and supportive of your claimed relationship translated into English so the decision-maker has the benefit of understanding what you are presenting to them.

We understand that translation can be costly, as does Immigration. Whether you make a decision to translate particular pieces of evidence like messages, emails etc is up to you. At Freedom Migration where we feel a case is not overly strong based on the evidence, we will work with our clients to choose particular messages etc that we think are going to be significant and helpful in improving prospects.

If the overall application is already well evidenced in our professional opinion then we may allow our clients to complete what we call an ‘unofficial translation’ where they translate the messages or emails on their own.

Check out the video to find out what might need to be translated.

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