To have your application reviewed by one of our Register Migration Agents you will need to submit your full application to us.
Once we have received all your documents it will take us 5 business days to complete the review and send you a full written advice.
Due to the larger amount of documents you have to submit you will need to request a secure link from our team to allow you to upload the full application.

For futher information follow these steps:

Step 1 . How to Download Your Forms from DHA Website

To get the most value from your review it’s important you include all of the completed forms necessary for your visa. 
These include Form 80, Form 888s and the Form 47SP. If you haven’t already downloaded the Form 80 and Form 888 watch the video above to show you how to find them.

Here is the link as discussed in the video above:

Watch the video below to know how to download the 47SP Application Form from your IMMI account. It's easy as A, B, C!

Step 2. How to Submit Your Application for Review

Submitting your application to our team for review is one of the most important steps to having you best placed to secure your partner visa or prospective marriage visa. 
Make sure you follow each step to avoid delays for our Registered Migration Agents to review your partner visa application.

Make sure you watch the video first and then Click on the link below to request for your Dropbox folder.

Step 3. How to Upload Documents in the Dropbox Folder

The video above will show you exactly how to access your Dropbox folder and how to upload your documents into that folder. 
Good luck! You’re almost at the finish line….one step closer to lodging your partner visa application!!